Police Misconduct

On Halloween, a Carlsbad man was out with friends when police hit him with a Taser gun, essentially for being drunk in public. A document request revealed that the police department had no records indicating that any training had been provided to the vast majority of officers for the Tasers most recently issued to them.  A settlement was reached on behalf of the victim before trial commenced.

Recently, a City Heights man called police as a precautionary measure to advise them that he had broken into his own house. Within 17 minutes of that call, his head had been forced through a wooden fence at his apartment complex and he had suffered broken vertebrae in his neck.  Police then released him on “unrelated medical issues” and sent him to the hospital in an ambulance. The jury heard from the victim and four police officers, including the sergeant who led the response.  Our client was awarded damages to compensate him for medical costs, pain and suffering, and future psychological treatment.

The damage caused to a person’s psyche by being subject to police brutality is extensive and it is permanent.  Every week, Lepine Law Group hears from citizens who have been mistreated and physically abused by local police and sheriffs. The demand for representation in these cases is high, but, unfortunately, the stakes are even higher. Police departments and municipalities have unlimited resources to try these cases and then to appeal them if they lose. Most people don’t have $50,000 for costs – that is out of pocket expenses, not including attorney time – to be able to pursue vindication of their rights.

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