Financial Elder Abuse

Ms. Lepine has negotiated settlements for individuals whose loved ones have fallen prey to those charged with their care. In one case, a new, young wife made a rubber stamp of the elder’s signature, using it to be named as trustee and beneficiary of all of his assets. After a few hours of deposition, the defendant was confronted with copies of checks stamped after the elder had passed on and agreed to settlement terms.   

Recently, a client became concerned when an estranged niece began caring for the client’s grandmother.  After obtaining power of attorney and naming herself as trustee, the niece sold grandmother’s house and moved her to a retirement home.  Further, the niece began charging grandmother excessively, including charges for personal care services, although grandmother was in a 24 hour care facility.  After a lawsuit was filed and a restraining order issued, the unscrupulous niece came to the settlement table.

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