Family Law

Family law cases are some of the most challenging that our courts face. Judges are asked to make difficult decisions that fundamentally affect our lives and the lives of our loved ones.

While it’s always preferable to resolve these disputes collaboratively, that is the exception rather than the norm. A myriad of psycho-emotional issues can prevent people from seeing their best options. An experienced counselor with a level perspective is needed.

Often people come to divorce court feeling broken and like they failed. In reality, and a statistics show, a successful marriage is hard to achieve. Often people stay in relationships for the children, not aware that they are, in fact, modeling poor relationship behavior for their children.

At Lepine Law Group, will help you get through this difficult time with your sanity and dignity intact. Amy Lepine has been practicing family law for over 20 years and has handled all kinds of cases from high-end asset division to custody battles and domestic violence.

Ms. Lepine began her law career as an advocate working in a legal clinic assisting victims. She is as compassionate as she is pragmatic. if your case can be resolved informally, she will get it done. But if trial is necessary, she has the skills to ensure that your voice will be heard.

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