Summary of Cases

Oral Contract Case

Buckley v. De Jong

San Diego Superior Court

LLG represented an elderly man in an action against a local esteemed businessman for breach of a $5 million dollar oral contract to expose corruption and promote competition in the waste industry. Over 200 exhibits were entered into evidence to demonstrate an extensive paper trail that spanned a twenty year relationship. After four weeks of trial, the jury awarded Plaintiff $2.8 million to compensate him for loss of the opportunity to start Agripost, a process where garbage is turned into soil. The case ultimately settled.

Tomasello v. Keller

San Diego Superior Court

LLG represented a businesswoman who agreed with her boyfriend to pool their resources and joint efforts to buy properties and live off the proceeds to the exclusion of her own business. All properties purchased, including single family, vacation and mobile home parks, were titled in the boyfriend’s name. The parties eventually married until the man told her he was not giving her anything and filed for divorce. After three weeks of trial, the jury awarded the businesswoman her one-half interest of the fair market value of the properties and rent proceeds he failed to share. LLG also represented the businesswoman in the divorce.

Ceron de Prado v. Peralta

San Diego Superior Court

LLG represented a middle-aged caregiver, who orally agreed with the father of her child to withdraw her request for child support in exchange for housing at a cottage he owned in Golden Hill. When the child graduated from college, the father breached the contract by ordering Plaintiff to be evicted. The jury awarded Plaintiff lifetime rent commiserate with the fair rental value of the cottage. 

Civil Rights Cases

Carter v. City of Carlsbad, et al

United States District Court

LLG represented a former Marine who was walking home in Carlsbad on Halloween when two Carlsbad police officers walked across the middle of the street, yelled at him, “Hey Stupid!” and tased him when he turned around. The man fell backwards cracking his skull resulting in permanent hearing loss in one ear. The City of Carlsbad mounted a heavy defense asserting that the officer was entitled to immunity but had no documentation to prove that the officer was trained to fire the taser used on LLG’s client. The case settled to the satisfaction of all parties.

Johnson v. Ferguson, et al

San Diego Superior Court

LLG represented a young black man living in City Heights who called 911 when he was locked out of his apartment. The San Diego Police Department utilized SWAT techniques to take another black man in the apartment complex down from behind without warning. LLG’s client was then handcuffed, mocked, and cursed at before lifted up and rammed head first into a wood fence resulting in a fractured neck. Despite the City’s efforts to marginalize LLG’s client at trial, the jury believed the client over the officers. LLG proved that the officers, including a sergeant, failed to follow their training which lead to his avoidable injuries. Defendants did not appeal.

Financial Elder Abuse

Cortez v. Nelson, et al

Humboldt County Superior Court

LLG represented the granddaughter of an elderly woman living in Eureka, California who she suspected of being a victim of financial elder abuse. LLG filed the case, had restraining orders issued so that no further abuse could occur, and discovered that the grandmother’s niece convinced her grandmother to change all of her testamentary documents so that the niece would inherit 80% of the estate. LLG settled the case restoring monies wrongfully taken from the grandmother and helped the granddaughter start a conservatorship in Probate Court allowing the granddaughter to make all financial and personal decisions for her grandmother including moving her down to San Diego to be closer to family.

In Re: Estate of Wyman

Bakersfield County Superior Court

LLG represented the beneficiaries and adult-children of a man’s trust. The wife of the man depleted the trust’s assets by using a stamp of the man’s signature to issue herself checks after his death. Half way through the woman’s deposition after LLG entered questioned her on numerous checks showing use of the stamp after the date of death, the case settled to the parties’ satisfaction.

Family Law

In Re: Marriage of (Former MLB Baseball Player)

San Diego Superior Court

LLG represented Mother in a variety of hotly disputed child support and custody matters against the father, a former Major League Baseball player.

In Re: (Paternity Action)

San Diego Superior Court

LLG represented Father in a ‘Move Away’ motion where the mother of his child denied him access to his daughter and made false accusations of abuse. Father was granted 50/50 custody and the move was denied.

In Re: (Paternity Action)

San Diego Superior Court

LLG represented Mother in a paternity action against a hip hop mogul to determine an amount of child support that would allow the child to share in her father’s lifestyle.

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